Episode #16 - Sex, Shame, and Sex Work

January 18, 2018

Episode #15 - Demonological Discography

January 8, 2018

Episode #14 - Knot Just Harnesses

December 3, 2017

Kat (@kath_a_rin) and Dhyana, both from Bad Kitty Bondage (www.badkittybondage.com) joined Lycha (@TSLycha) on the show this week.  They discussed some of the motivations behind participating in rope bondage and BDSM in general, as well as the importance of setting up a scene based off of communication about expectations.  Kat, a trans woman with a non-kink blog (http://sillytranswoman.blogspot.com), shared about some of her experience as trans, with outside perspective offered by Dhyana.  (Follow @NoneOfAboves for show updates!)


Episode #13 - Thorned Thrills

November 25, 2017

Lycha () is interviewing TwoThornedRose () on her experiences in adult entertainment. Lycha and Rose cover the importance of consent and how critical of a role it plays in the adult industry. Rose talks about some of her personal experiences and struggles, as well as how she has been able to unite her background in special effects makeup with her career as an adult entertainer.


Episode #12 - The Devil’s in the Dating

November 13, 2017

Lycha () has guests Shana () and Kami () back for another show. Lycha talks a bit about the hardcore porn she just filmed with Shana. Kami and Lycha discuss hate speech toward trans people, especially when it comes to dating. They review what dating tends to be like for people who happen to be trans. Also mentioned in this episode: the community of The Woodshed Orlado (), gender confirmation surgery and the Standards of Care (), and asexuality (some resources may be found at ).


Episode #11 - Cars, cares, and Kami

November 7, 2017

Lycha () meets up with fellow camgirl and Grooby model Kami (). Lycha interviews her on her blossoming porn career. They discuss how trans porn is marketed, including some of the terms used to brand it, and how it is growing. Kami shares her thoughts and concerns on the subject, and she shares her other passion: building race cars. They also share some laughs over experiences camming on Chaturbate.


Episode #10 - Pride & Precipice (ft. Lillian Fiona)

October 26, 2017

Lycha (@lychaxo) talks about the Orlando Pride Parade (https://comeoutwithpride.com/), especially the growing transgender presence.  Lillian Fiona (@lilbiterxo) is back on the show, too!  She and Lycha (@lychaxo) discuss more about the motivations behind the Bad Bunnies Porn Collective (@badbunsxxx) and the value of exploring kink/BDSM.  They analyze the relationship between abuse and fetish, and hypothesize on how this can be utilized for personal growth.  Also featured: A recent song by nonbinary trans artist Dani Lee Pearce (@danileepearce) available from https://danileepearce.bandcamp.com/


Episode #9 - Living Your Beauty

October 16, 2017

In this episode, Lycha interviews hairdresser and beauty consultant Gigi. They discuss their journeys with gender, spirituality, happiness, and how that relates to drug use and sobriety. Gigi and Lycha talk about the joys of song, dance, love, sex, and self-expression. They also chat about the process of deciding when to transition. The Trevor Project (), Trans Lifeline (), and the Zebra Coalition () are mentioned as resources.


Episode #8 - Vivacious Vixens and Lively Logophiles

October 1, 2017

Vanya () returns to the show to chat about first shoots in porn with Lycha (). They discuss porn sex versus real sex. Lycha offers a parody rendition of a classic rock song, christened "All You Need Is Lube." Vanya and Lycha elaborate on aspects of attraction and how that relates to sexual orientation. Lycha plugs her photo and video set on a transgirl porn website featuring transgender women early in transition ().


Episode #7 - Listless Living: Dysphoria and Disassociation

September 25, 2017

Lycha (@lychaxo) interviews Zinnia Jones (@zjemptv) on the transgender experience, and how it often manifests in a sense of depersonalization or derealization.  They relate the pervasion of ennui felt by trans* folk, and how drastically it can be mitigated by hormone replacement therapy (HRT).  Zinnia talks about some of the research (http://www.genderanalysis.net) on this symptomology as an indicator of gender dysphoria.  Lycha and Zinnia also talk about the relationship between transwomen and the language used in adult entertainment and porn marketing, as well as some of the challenges and blessings of erotic modeling for trans* persons.